Just a week to go....


In the last couple of years, the H-Cee Family have been up to Thredbo a few times playing 3-4 times each snow season. Since we were up there fairly regularly, we took up snow boarding and began hitting the beginner slopes pretty much teaching ourselves or learning from experienced friends who would come to hang-out with us. 
This year the Family is looking forward to hitting the pow a bit more and maybe even getting good enough to board a few black runs.

Opening weekend starts this Saturday and the early forecasts are that this could be on e of the  best snow seasons Australia has seen in a long time. There are even some early predictions that 2018 could be the coldest winter on Australian record. What an amazing time to be in Thredbo every week! But while the temptation to spend every waking minute playing in the snow might be hard to resist, the H-Cee Family have big plans and we'll be putting some serious man-power and time into refining our music, writing new songs and getting tighter as a playing unit.
There is plenty to keep an eye on over the coming months so stay tuned in Family....this winter will be one for the history books.